Adventure Riders International was born of Lorne Banks’ vision of offering specialized off-road motorcycle training across North America, to the public, at several locations, in the same precise manner that he has used to teach elite military cadre over the past decade.  This simply equates to teaching the crawl, walk, run philosophy to small groups of people, on their own turf.

This type of training requires individual instruction in addition to group exercises, as each student must master one skill before moving to the next, therefore we keep our student to instructor ratio low.  

ARI can travel to facilities across North America to teach people the skills that they need in riding the terrain in their own areas, as well as how to ride other landscapes and to master various obstacles and elements, that they may encounter. 

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LORNE BANKS, President & Lead Instructor

Lorne is a freelance, professional driver/rider, facilitator, and project manager for several manufacturers & Fortune 500 companies, in addition to training Military, Federal Law Enforcement and other government agencies, in how to execute specialized maneuvers and tactics (motorcycle, automobile & specialized military vehicles) at several military training facilities and bases in the US, Canada and abroad.  Lorne holds Worldwide Protective Services clearance.  He also provides professional riding/racing teaching & coaching services, in the following genres:  off-road, enduro, motocross, flat-track, road racing, street riding, adventure riding and dual sport riding.

Over the past few years, Lorne has been putting more focus on writing & developing curriculum, designing site layouts and setting up courses, at several locations, with various terrains across the US & Canada, for the newly emerging Adventure Riding motorcycle market.  Lorne is one of a small handful of factory trained & certified instructors, in North America.  Lorne has developed a number of proprietary modules that he uses to instruct these courses, which include everything from motorcycle dynamics, suspension, and field repairs, to reading terrain, sand riding, mud riding, etc.

Since 1977, Lorne been racing motorcycles - from motocross, ice racing, flat track to road racing.  In 1988, he won two Canadian National Championships in road racing and then relocated to the US to pursue a career in racing and instructing.  Over the years, he has earned & held the following credentials:  NASCAR Craftsman Truck License, AMA Pro Superbike License, CMRC Pro Motocross License, USAC Sprint Car License & AMA Pro Motocross License.  Lorne has also written & published freelance articles in relation to motorcycle tuning.

With his strong background in the motorcycles and ATV teaching, coaching,and racing as well as an exceptional understanding and hands on working knowledge of the mechanics of these vehicles, Lorne carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to Military or Private Sector programs, at any level. 

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