The ideal candidate for the advanced dual sport school has reached a stage where they can handle some pretty gnarly terrain!  They have been on some epic rides but there is always someone that is able to go places that they cannot or they seem to struggle when others do not.  At this point they realize that there is always something new to learn & see with this sport!

We will review some of the basics & then work on the following:

  • The use of brakes and how ABS & non-ABS affects stopping
  • Rider position when handling huge descents
  • Reading terrain and picking proper line choices before attempting obstacles
  • Using side hilling techniques to traverse steep hills and mountains
  • Recovery techniques in sand, mud, water
  • Using GPS and breaking trail
  • Identifying riding pace and learning the signs of fatigue
  • Proper nutrition and training tips
  • In-field repairs when stranded on the trail miles from anywhere
  • Proper machinery preparation before you leave home

These are just some of the items covered in this Advanced School. 

We intentionally keep our class size small for this school, which allows for more one-on-one training and individual coaching. 

This is a full day course.


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