The ideal candidate for the dual sport intermediate school has ventured off-road some but still needs help with managing obstacles.  Up until now all that they have learned has been on their own and they feel that they could benefit from some instruction.  They feel that they lack a general understanding of motorcycle dynamics and that having a better understanding would improve their riding.

This course will cover the following:

  • Review of the basic skills taught in Novice:
    • Motorcycle Dynamics
    • Adjusting the Motorcycle to the Rider
    • Balance Exercise
    • Proper lifting of a downed Motorcycle
    • Rider Position on the Motorcycle for off-road
    • Enduro Steering
  • Warm-up on Motorcycle drill
  • Slow Riding by mastering clutch, brake & throttle control
  • Proper riding technique for Washboards
  • Proper body position for Camel Humps
  • Proper foot peg weighing for Ruts
  • Proper riding techniques for riding in Mud
  • Proper riding techniques for riding in Sand
  • How to properly execute Water Crossings
  • Emergency stopping on a Hill
  • Steep Hill Descents
  • Rock Bed Crossings
  • Avoiding/Anticipating/Maneuvering Trail Obstacles

This is a full day course. 

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