The ideal candidate for the fundamentals school may or may not have ridden off-road or on gravel before and wants to feel more comfortable on a bike & gain the confidence that they can control their machine on or off the beaten path.

This course will cover the following:

  • Motorcycle Dynamics
  • Adjusting the Motorcycle to the Rider
  • Balance Exercise
  • Proper lifting of a downed Motorcycle
  • Rider Position on the Motorcycle for off-road
  • Enduro Steering
  • Warm-up on Motorcycle drill
  • Slow Riding
  • Riding in a circle
  • Navigating Figure-8's with balance & clutch control
  • Proper riding technique for Washboards
  • Proper body position for Camel Humps
  • Proper foot peg weighing for Ruts
  • Emergency stopping on a hill

This course is approximately 5 hours in duration.

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